Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Acer routinely performs Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for banks, lenders, insurance companies, wireless telecommunications providers, and commercial and industrial developers.  These assessments range from a single property to large portfolios.


Phase I ESAs 


Acer's Phase I ESAs are a thorough investigation of a property, modeled in accordance with ASTM Standard ASTM E1527-13 and designed to satisfy due diligence requirements/all appropriate inquiries for CERCLA Landowner Liability Protections.  In New Jersey, these reports may be modified to comply with the NJDEP Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, ISRA, and child care facilities.  The final report details the information gathered during the investigation, identifies recognized environmental conditions (RECs), and makes recommendations.  Cost estimates may be provided should any further investigation and/or remediation be required in order for the client to make an informed real estate decision.


AT&T, Northeast & Midatlantic Regions


ACER routinely performs environmental site assessments (ESAs) on proposed and existing telecommunication sites for AT&T.  These ESAs are performed on a wide range of properties, including apartment buildings, industrial complexes, water tanks, tower farms, and...

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Transaction Screens


Transaction Screens identify suspected hazardous substances in accordance with the ASTM Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process (ASTM E1528-14).  Acer's Transaction Screens offer clients a valuable assessment of environmental conditions on a property when the user may not be seeking CERCLA Landowner Liability Protections.


Phase II ESAs


The primary objective of a Phase II is to investigate the existence, location, and severity of recognized environmental condition(s) or other potential environmental concerns.  These services include, but are not limited to UST investigations, asbestos and lead surveys, mold inspections, and subsurface investigations.

Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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Site Assessments & Investigations
UST Closure remediation soil testing
Storage Tank Services
LSRP Environmental Investigation
Site & Remedial Investigations
LSRP remediation soil disposal
Site Remediation
NJDEP LSRP remdial action RAO
Wetland Delineation permitting
Wetland Delineation & Permitting
Hazardous Waste Management Plans
Asbestos Testing Lead Testing
Asbestos & Lead Based Paint Services
Mold Ispection Mold Testing
Mold Inspections
Indoor Air Quality IAQ
Indoor Air Quality Investigations
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