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Concrete Moisture Testing

ACER provides concrete moisture testing services using moisture meters and sensors to measure moisture content and relative humidity in concrete floors, slabs, walls and wood building materials during and after construction to evaluate the suitability for final installation of flooring a wall coverings.  Moisture evaluations may be required in order to qualify for warranty coverage or satisfy project specifications.

The Tramex CMEX2 and CMEX5 moisture meters, used by ACER, for concrete evaluation determines instant and precise quantitative measurement of moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. This concrete moisture meter tests the concrete to a depth of approximately 20mm (3⁄4") into the slab.  The CMEX5 also provides quantitative Carbide Method equivalent readings for Concrete and Anhydrite/Gypsum substrates. In addition, the CMEX2 and CMEX5 have two reference scales for comparative readings making these moisture meters suitable to perform concrete moisture tests in compliance with ASTM F2659.  The Tramex Hygro-i2 Relative Humidity Sensors can be used to provide relative humidity in concrete in accordance with ASTM F2170.

Additionally, if required, ACER may perform testing to determine the moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) in accordance with ASTM F1869. This test method utilizes calcium chloride to determine the equivalent weight of water evaporating from 1,000 square foot of concrete slab surface in a 24-hour period.

Roof and Concrete Moisture Meter
Concrete Moisture Probe
Concrete Moisture Meter
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