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Monopine Telecommunication Tower

ACER has an excellent reputation in the wireless telecommunications industry.  We have experience working with all of the major telecommunication carriers and tower owners.  We pride ourselves in providing a superior product within this highly competitive field and are accustomed to performing on large, deadline driven projects.  Our expertise includes environmental due diligence, health and safety, NEPA regulatory compliance, geotechnical engineering, foundation analysis, and construction oversight.  

Representative Telecommunications Clients:
Select Project Profiles:

AT&T, Northeast & Midatlantic Regions


ACER routinely performs environmental site assessments (ESAs) on proposed and existing telecommunication sites for AT&T.  These ESAs are performed on a wide range of properties, including apartment buildings, industrial complexes, water tanks, tower farms, and...


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Construction Inspections for Tower Sites in DE, MD, NJ, & PA

ACER has performed construction inspections for hundreds of telecommunication tower sites for T-Mobile.  For each site, ACER provided re-bar inspection, which included verifying the diameter and design structure of the re-bar to be utilized in the tower foundation.  Additionally, ACER provided...


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Valley Forge Towers Non-Destructive Testing on Concrete Planks

As part of a structural loading analysis, ACER performed non-destructive testing of the concrete plank floor system associated with this high-rise building.  Using a combination of our GSSI Structure Scan Mini HR and James Non-Destructive Testing Systems R-Meter (MKIII), ACER was able to determine...

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Totowa Monopole Tower Foundation Mapping


On behalf of the Malick & Scherer, P.C., ACER conducted Non-Destructive Testing on the foundation of the monopole to determine the size and dimensions of the foundation.  ACER utilized a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Sonic Echo/Impulse Response (SE/IR) to identify...

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Additional Industries We Serve:
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ACER's staff of geotechnical professionals provides information and properties required for the structural engineers to develop the appropriate designs.  Our staff of qualified inspectors then provides the oversight and testing required to ensure the project is completed successfully. 

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