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Acer Associates, LLC
Corporate Responsibility Statement

Acer Corporate Responsibility

ACER Corporate Responsibility Statement:

Working Environment & Ethics

ACER conducts all of our business in professional and ethical manner.  One of our core values is a commitment to integrity and honesty.  We embrace high standards of ethical behavior and treat all colleagues fairly and with dignity and respect.  


1. Respect for the Individual and Human Rights

ACER has the utmost respect for the individual.  We will not be complicit or engage in activities that solicit or encourage human rights abuse. ACER does not engage in business practices or activities that compromise any fundamental human rights. 


We believe competitive strength is achieved through the combined talents of a diverse group of people working together to find the best solutions.  We support them by providing a work environment that is positive and safe and by committing to their ongoing development.


2. Working Conditions

ACER encourages open communication with management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. We believe that maintaining an environment which invites open dialogue between associates and management fosters positive attitudes and ultimately enriches our workplace.

We conduct our sales, service, and marketing activities utilizing sound business practices and maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We provide fair remuneration and always comply with the applicable laws regarding hours, benefits, age, and national statutory minimum wage.  We do not employ or condone the employment of child labor or forced labor.  No person shall be employed who is below the federal or state minimum legal age for employment.  Workers are free to leave their employment after reasonable notice and are never required to lodge “deposits” as a condition to work.  Discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of race, religion, age, sex, disability, national origin, or any other status protected by law or regulation is strictly prohibited.


We comply with all applicable health and safety regulations to provide all our employees with a working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health.  ACER also provides appropriate safety information and training to all employees and implements a management system that prevents workplace hazards and provides business continuity during emergency events.  A copy of our Corporate Health & Safety Plan us available upon request (click here).


3. Substance Abuse

ACER maintains a strict drug and alcohol policy to preserve a substance-free workplace.  We prohibit work activities by any employee suspected of being under the influence of any substance, which may prevent them from conducting their work safely and effectively.


Work Practices

1. Diversity and Inclusion

At ACER, we believe our people are our greatest professional advantage.  We promote a diverse and inclusive workplace and apply fair labor practices and comply with applicable national and local labor laws.  We actively strive to implement socially responsible purchasing practices and endeavor to maintain and strengthen anti-corruption practices working with our clients and suppliers as partners.


2. Community Involvement

As a member of our community, we support local programs and initiatives, and whenever possible, in conjunction with our customers.  We will support local business and utilize other local resources, including job applicants, whenever and wherever possible.


3. Environmental Stewardship

As environmental consultants, ACER considers it our responsibility to conduct business in an environmentally conscious and increasingly sustainable way.  ACER’s commitment to the environment drives us to continually identify opportunities for improving our environmental performance and we are committed to taking advantage of new, innovative strategies and better management practices to reduce our carbon footprint.


4. Fair Opportunity Practices and Supply Chain

We actively strive to implement socially responsible supply chain practices working only with suppliers that conduct their business with integrity, comply with all diversity and labor regulations and enforce human rights policies.   ACER always maintains fair and respectful relationships with our suppliers working with them as partners.

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