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NJDOH Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA)

ACER’s qualification as a Licensed Indoor Environmental Consultants (LIECs) allows us to conduct an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA) in accordance with the NJ Department of Health regulations entitled, “Standards for Indoor Environment Certification and for Licensure of Indoor Environmental Consultants” (N.J.A.C. 8:50), which detail the requirements for conducting an NJ Child Care Center Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA).    The regulations outline the framework for the evaluation of the indoor environment in a building that is to be used as a Child Care Center or Educational Facility (CCC/EF).


NJDOH CCC/EF Indoor Environmental Health Assessment IEHA

An IEHA is an evaluation conducted to assess conditions inside a building, which may impact the health of its occupants. The goal of the IEHA is to thoroughly evaluate the indoor environment to ensure that there are no health risks to the occupants of a CCC/EF. The IEHA will evaluate the entire indoor environment, not just indoor air. The IEHA will include an evaluation of the historic uses and operations in the building as well as current activities that may impact the indoor environment. The IEHA will also include an assessment to determine if adjacent businesses are known or suspected of containing contaminants that may have an impact on the indoor environment of the building.  As an NJDEP LSRP, ACER can prepare and submit the IEHA to the NJDOH in tandem with preparing and submitting the Preliminary Assessment Report to the NJDEP, providing our Clients with a cost-effective solution for Child Care Center/Educational Facility Licensing under one roof.

Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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