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Environmental & Cultural Resource Management

Blackburn & Essex building

AT&T Site "Blackburn & Essex," for Velocitel, Inc.


ACER, on behalf of AT&T Mobility, initiated a Section 106 review to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) for a proposed collocation on a building at 260 North Wycombe Avenue in Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  During the Section 106 review process, the PHMC requested...

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City of Reading Adverse Effect Resolution


On behalf of a major telecommunications carrier, ACER provided adverse effect resolution for adverse visual effects from a telecommunications tower, which had three (3) eligible to be listed and one (1) National Register listed historic districts within...


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Grave site

Shore Health Hospital



An initial Phase I archaeological survey of nearly 100 acres was conducted on land selected for a new hospital site.  Ten (10) archaeological sites were identified during the course of the project.  Four (4) of the sites were evaluated as...



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Fox in the woods
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