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Concrete Scanning and Rebar Locating Services

ACER is equipped with the latest equipment for a wide variety of non-destructive concrete imaging and surveying applications, which can save time and money while completing a project.  Utilizing a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), rebar detection instruments, and metal detection tools, ACER can accurately locate and map out embedded utilities, beams, post tension cables, wire-mesh, rebar, PVC pipe, electrical conduits, steel and iron pipes, and radiant heating systems in concrete.  ACER’s equipment can also be utilized to determine the size and depth of objects embedded in concrete.  Data can be collected and displayed in real time to provide results in the field, ensuring no damages or delays occur during a clients core drilling, slab cutting, or other invasive procedures.  Concrete imaging services administered by Acer also provide void and deterioration mapping, useful for bridge deck inspections, structural integrity surveys, and fracture/crack locating.  Once data is collected in the field, Acer provides full survey reports complete with mapped 2D and 3D xray like images of the data.


Valley Forge Towers Non-Destructive Testing on Concrete Planks

As part of a structural loading analysis, ACER performed non-destructive testing of the concrete plank floor system associated with this high-rise building.  Using a combination of our GSSI Structure Scan Mini HR and James Non-Destructive Testing Systems R-Meter (MKIII), ACER was able to determine...


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Structure Scan Mini-3D

The main instrument utilized by ACER to perform concrete scanning is the GSSI StructureScan Mini HR.  This all-in-one GPR system is designed specifically for the concrete inspection industry.  It utilizes a 2600 MHz center frequency and reaches depths up to sixteen (16 inches).


The Profometer PM-650 and the James Instruments R-Meter MK III Basic System Rebar Locator utilizes pulse induction and microprocessor technology to precisely locate and measure metal objects in concrete, masonry brick, and other construction materials.  ACER uses this device to estimate the size of the steel reinforcing material.


If utility is known to be encased within a concrete slab, ACER can use our SPX RD8000 locator and TX-10 transmitter to trace the pipe or conduit.   If accessible, the transmitter is connected directly to the pipe or cable and applies a discrete signal to the line that can be traced using the locator.

Applications Include:

  • Reinforcement Surveys for Engineering Purposes

  • Void Detection

  • Deterioration Mapping

  • Embedded Utility Locating

  • Bridge Deck Inspections

  • Tracing Lines Within Buildings

Concrete Inspection with StructureScan Mini HR
Concrete Scan Mini data
Additional Geophysics & Non-Destructive Testing Services Provided by ACER:
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