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Structure Scanning Services

Installing and upgrading wall mounted equipment can pose several challenges, starting in the design phase.  When no parameters about a structure are known, ACER's team can assess structures of all sizes and construction types in order to give an accurate picture of what's inside.  ACER's full suite of non-destructive geophysical equipment includes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Impact Echo (IE) systems, rebar locator & cover meters, utility locators, and more. 

GPR Concrete Scanning
GPR Concrete Scanning

Using this inventory of equipment, ACER can identify the thickness of concrete walls, floors, and roof slabs, as well as the  configuration, size, and cover depth of reinforcing steel embedded within the concrete.  This includes the measurement of concrete encased steel beams and columns within a structure.  Pre-tensioned and post-tensioned cables within suspended slabs can easily be identified to avoid striking the cables during construction activities.  CMU block walls can be assessed for the number of cells in the block, the presence of grout and reinforcing steel, as well as block size.  Upon completion of the field investigation, a report is provided to the client describing the parameters of the structure in order to complete a structural loading analysis.  Concrete imaging services administered by ACER also provide void and deterioration mapping, useful for bridge deck inspections, structural integrity surveys, and fracture/crack locating.  If required, ACER can also perform a Corrosion Analysis of the steel reinforcing members.  

Additional Geophysics & Non-Destructive Testing Services Provided by ACER:
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