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Mold Inspections

Mold awareness has increased throughout the nation, and public perception has made it an extremely sensitive issue.  ACER personnel have the training and experience to make professional recommendations following investigation and consideration of multiple solutions.  As a mold consultant, ACER provides professional services to:

  • Moisture intrusion assessment to identify source of mold growth

  • Identify the source organisms and their potential to result in adverse health effects

  • Delineate the extent of the mold

  • Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

  • Recommend prudent remediation measures

  • Prepare specifications for remediation of the mold and abatement of the moisture source

  • Conduct oversight and post remediation sampling

Westfield Towers Mold Inspection

On behalf of the Camden County Housing Authority, ACER conducted a mold inspection of this 10-story apartment building.  ACER inspected 26 units, as well as the community room, laundry room, and hallways for...


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Mold Inspection Services
Thermal Imaging

ACER performs a comprehensive mold inspection to determine the cause and extent of the mold.  ACER stresses the importance of a thorough visual inspection.  If intrusive inspection is not possible, ACER owns a variety of non-destructive equipment such as moisture meters, psychrometers, IR thermometers, particle counters, IR cameras, and bore scopes to locate concealed microbial growth areas.  Sampling for mold including, air, swab, and wipe tests are conducted when required to confirm potential airborne exposures, types of mold on surfaces and in the air, and to confirm successful completion of a remediation activity. 

Moisture Detection
Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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