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Asbestos & Lead Based Paint Services

ACER provides a complete spectrum of professional services in the asbestos and lead-based paint (LBP) fields, ranging from initial surveys to post-abatement clearance.  ACER’s monitoring and management services are designed to provide our clients with the assurance that the abatement projects are performed in compliance with the federal and state statutes and in a manner not to endanger the surrounding workplace.  ACER’s staff maintains all required federal and state certifications.  The following services are typical of those provided by ACER:

  • Abatement Project Monitoring and Oversight

  • Operation and Maintenance Plan

  • Employees' Right to Know

  • AHERA Inspections & Management Plans

  • Lead Inspections & Risk Assessments

  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Surveys

  • Asbestos Consulting Services and Lead Consulting Services

  • Inspections and Surveys

  • Sampling

  • Plans and Specifications 

  • Bid Evaluation/Recommendation


AHERA Program, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

For the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, ACER has managed the AHERA program for eighty-nine (89) schools since 2003.  As part of the AHERA program, ACER performs both 3 Year Reinspections and 6-month periodic surveillance inspections...


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Lead Paint Surveying
On-Site Asbestos Analysis
Furnace Surveyed for Absestos
Asbestos Monitoring
Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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