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Underground Storage Tank Services

Acer provides underground storage tank (UST) removal and replacement services for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial property owners.  Our comprehensive underground storage tank (UST) services include:


  • UST Removal

  • UST Registration

  • UST Closure Plans, Notifications, and Permits

  • Soil Excavation

  • Oil Tank Sweep

  • Post Removal Sampling and Analysis

  • Site Investigation and Remedial Action Reports

  • UST Installation Design and Oversight

  • UST Permitting


Snell Electric, Vineland NJ

For the City of Vineland, ACER provided environmental consulting and remediation services at the former Snell Electric property.  This Brownfields site had a number of areas of concern, including a 4,000-gallon gasoline UST, a 1,000-gallon fuel oil UST, nine (9) transformers...


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Ust Removal Underground Storage Tank Closure, LSRP, soil remediation, groundwater remediation

ACER's strengths include our overall remedial oversight and regulatory reporting capabilities.  We are experienced in completing preliminary site evaluations, detailed engineering designs, bidding and contractor selection, and full contract management.


UST and aboveground storage tank (AST) systems and associated containment are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the local, state and federal agencies.  ACER is certified to perform UST removal and licensed to conduct regulatory reporting.  In addition, we offer turnkey services for UST removal and replacement.

Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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