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Vapor Barrier Inspections & Testing

As new construction takes environmental concerns into consideration during the planning phase, many structures are now constructed with vapor mitigation barriers beneath the structures in order to protect the occupants from underlying contamination and/or radon.  ACER's vapor barrier inspection services include vapor barrier testing to ensure vapor barriers are properly installed and will be effective in stopping the flow of contaminated vapors into the structures.  ACER can conduct visual inspection of vapor barrier installations and vapor barrier smoke testing to confirm the construction is leak tight.  A smoke test is conducted by pumping non-toxic smoke underneath the vapor intrusion barrier and documenting any areas where smoke comes through the barrier allowing for the contractor to immediately conduct the repairs prior to re-testing.  Upon successful completion of the smoke testing, ACER will provide the client with documentation supporting the effectiveness of the barrier.

Vapor Barrier Testing
Groundwater Isopleth
Additional Environmental Consulting Services Provided by ACER:
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