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AHERA Program, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

For the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, ACER has managed the AHERA program for eighty-nine (89) schools since 2003.  As part of the AHERA program, ACER performs both 3 Year Reinspections and 6-month periodic surveillance inspections at the schools. Recommendations to address damaged asbestos containing materials are made by a management planner.  ACER oversees all abatement activities associated with these schools.  Every six (6) months, ACER performs a file audit at each school to ensure all new employees have received two (2) hour awareness training, all outside contractors working at the school have been notified of the presence of asbestos, and the associated notification documentation has been filed, and the notifications to the facility and parents has been completed.  When abatement is required due to damaged asbestos containing building materials (ACBMs) or as part of a renovation project, ACER provides oversight and sampling services.  Prior to the abatement activities, ACER insures the appropriate notifications to the local, state, and federal government are completed.  During the abatement activities, an ACER air monitoring technician oversees and monitors the removal contractor to insure compliance with the applicable EPA, OSHA, state, and local regulations.  Upon completion of the removal activities, ACER performs a final inspection and conducts final air sampling.  Once the abatement area is cleared, ACER oversees the dismantling of the containment area and prepares a report summarizing the associated activities.

Asbestos Abatement Work Area
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