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Structural Fill Recommendations & Specifications

The results of a Geotechnical Investigation may identify poor soils, which require excavation and backfilling with structural fill.  ACER is experienced in providing backfill specifications detailing both the extent of excavation and grade of backfill required to achieve structural standards.  ACER's structural fill specifications ensure the construction contractor will meet the excavation and backfill placement requirements  specified in the engineering analysis for each type of fill placement on a site.  ACER can provide compaction testing along with detailed GIS mapping using data collected with highly accurate GPS locating units for identification of daily work progress and quantification of material quantities.


Backfill Specifications & Oversight for Tower Construction


ACER prepared a Backfill Specification at the request of Capitol Telecom.  The specification detailed the removal of previously backfilled soil in an area where a mat foundation was proposed for a telecommunications site. In order for the foundation to be constructed ACER recommended...

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Backfill and  Compaction Specification
Structural Fill Specification
Additional Geotechnical Engineering & Construction Inspection Services Provided by ACER:
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