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Construction Inspection for Tower Sites

in DE, MD, NJ, & PA

ACER has performed construction inspections for hundreds of telecommunication tower sites.  For each site, ACER provided re-bar inspection, which included verifying the diameter and design structure of the re-bar to be utilized in the tower foundation.  Additionally, ACER provided sub-grade evaluation, inspecting the excavation size and depth, to ensure these dimensions met the design specifications provided by the structural engineer. In accordance with the ASTM "Standard Test Method For Slump Of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete" (ASTM C143), ACER conducted the test in the field to obtain the slump of hydraulic-cement concrete.  A concrete air entrainment meter was utilized to determine the air ratio within the concrete in accordance with the ASTM "Standard Test Method For Air Content Of Freshly Mixed Concrete By The Pressure Method" (ASTM C231).  ACER also prepared concrete test specimens in the field, in accordance with ASTM "Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field" (ASTM C31).  The concrete test cylinders were then submitted to a laboratory for comprehensive strength tests on specified break schedules to determine when the concrete had sufficiently cured and the tower could be erected.

Telecommunications Tower Construction Inspection
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