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Video Drain Inspection and Sonde Locating

When investigating a site where subsurface piping is a suspected source of contaminants, ACER’s full suite of Pipe Video Inspection Cameras (sewer cameras) offer a cost-efficient and non-destructive means of inspecting and tracing underground pipes.  This allows ACER to identify damaged areas of pipes, which are a common source of subsurface contamination.  Once the damage is located, sonde pipe tracing using the integrated sonde combined with an electromagnetic utility locator, such as a Radiodetection RD-8100, can be used to mark-out the location of the suspected damage at the surface for further investigation.  This method can be used to find underground drain pipes below interior floor slabs as well as any accessible exterior areas on a site. These camera and sonde combos can also be integrated into a utility locating survey as an additional tool for locating hard to trace utilities.  Reports with pictures, videos and GPS mapping can be provided for use in evaluation of location, condition and ultimate disposition of drains.  Often NJDEP and other regulatory agencies require such documentation as part of environmental site investigations.

Sonde Pipe Tracing
Pipe Video Inspection
Additional Geophysics & Non-Destructive Testing Services Provided by ACER:
Sub-Slab Pipe Locating
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