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Blackburn & Essex

ACER initiated a Section 106 review to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) for a proposed collocation on a building at 260 North Wycombe Avenue in Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  During the Section 106 review process, the PHMC requested a Historic Resource Survey Form (HRSF) be completed to assess the building’s eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).  Preparation of the HRSF by Acer included conducting a site reconnaissance to evaluate and document the integrity of the structure; generating a site plan and floor plans illustrating all resources and landscape features on the property; interviewing with the county historical society, public library personnel regarding reference collections, and local historic specialists; cross-referencing NRHP registration forms for nearby properties and districts of significance to determine historic context of the site and township from a historic perspective; and pursuing genealogical records and census data to include all historic persons associated with the property.  As a result of the HRSF, the PHMC determined the property was eligible for listing in the NRHP under Criteria C for Architecture as a notable example of the Renaissance Revival architecture style with Art Deco influences.   The PHMC also determined the proposed collocation would have no adverse effect on any historic properties.

Determination of Eligibility
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